Monday, August 12, 2013

The savings don’t have to end when you leave home—you can save on the road too!

EnergySmart has recently teamed up with eGo CarShare to offer great discounts between our two organizations!

eGo CarShare is a non-profit car sharing organization in the Boulder-Denver community which provides alternatives to individual car ownership. Car sharing is a great model that lets you bike, walk, or take public transit for most things, but still have access to a car if you need one. You could also use car sharing as an opportunity to downsize from two cars to one (or even none!)—a great money and stress saver! The eGo fleet vehicles have car sharing parking spots all over Boulder and Denver, so you don’t have to get stressed over parking. Because eGo is a pay-as-you-drive car sharing program, gas and insurance are included in the rates. The eGo fleet has fuel efficient options as well as a few trucks for the occasional large-haul if you happen to catch the home improvement bug.

More than 2800+ people have already signed up for eGo membership. And now, eGo is offering great discounts to all current and new EnergySmart participants, including $15 in FREE RIDE credits and a $15 application fee (normally $25)! Get started at As an EnergySmart participant, use promo code “ES-2013”.

We think that striving to become smart with transportation goes hand-in-hand with becoming EnergySmart in your home or business, so EnergySmart is offering current and new eGo members $10 off a HOME energy assessment (Regularly $135). If you haven’t signed up already, get on board with the more than 10,700 residents in all Boulder County already on the road to personalized, expert advice from our Energy Advisors. Call 303.544.1000 today to get started. If you’re an eGo member, call 303.720.1185 for a discount coupon code!

written by Kelsey Lawrence

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Meet our new Blogger and the Summer Interns!

Intern Claire Spitzer is joining our EnergySmart Blogging Team, while Kelsey and Kathy join us as Summer Interns.

Hello Everyone! My name is Claire Spitzer. I am an intern at EnergySmart! I have been working with the team since January and can’t wait to share my experience with you!
  Here are some facts about me and what I do over here at EnergySmart:
  •        I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.
  •    I attended and just graduated from college at the University of Colorado-Boulder with a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.
  •    I began interning at EnergySmart after coming in 2nd place at the 3rd annual Climate Change and Global Warming Video Event. Here’s my video!
  •     At EnergySmart I have been working on creating promotional videos and scheduling/working at our numerous outreach events!
  •    A fun fact about me is that I studied abroad in Wollongong, Australia and went diving in the Great Barrier Reef!

I’m so excited to start blogging away and informing everyone about how great EnergySmart is and all the amazing things happening in the Energy Efficiency and Sustainability world!

We also have 2 new interns working for EnergySmart this summer! Kelsey and Kathy!
Kelsey is a recent graduate of the University of Colorado where she majored in Physics and Chemistry and a certificate from the Renewable and Sustainable Energy institute. She is passionate about sustainability and is looking forward to this internship! A fun fact about Kelsey is she used to Irish Dance as a kid. 
Our other intern Kathy is an Environmental Educator, Park Interpreter, and Sustainable Living Educator. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Education as well as a Master’s in Environmental Policy and Management. She’s worked all over the country and even spent time in the Amazon Rainforest!

If you have any questions or want to learn more about what we do just post a comment below and I’ll reply as soon as possible! Thanks!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nederland leads the way!

On June 5th 2013, Nederland became the first municipality in Boulder County to be recognized as a Solar Friendly Community.  The Solar Friendly Communities Project outlines 12 best practices that towns and communities can implement to earn points in order to receive recognition as a Solar Friendly Community. Nederland reached the bronze level (700 points) for adopting several different local practices to streamline their solar energy permitting system.  An additional benefit of receiving the distinction of “Solar Friendly Community” is that homeowners who install Solar PV (photovoltaic) on their home will receive a $500 discount on their installation. 

Read here to see what the Mayor of Nederland has to say about Nederland’s award.

If you missed it, last month Boulder County was also recognized as a Solar Friendly Community for earning 900 points and the Silver Level Recognition.

Interested in Solar PV? EnergySmart can help with the Solar PV installation process and can connect you to low interest Energy Loans*.

For more information visit or call 303-544-1000!

*In order to qualify for Solar Photovoltaic under this loan, borrowers must achieve 15% energy efficiency improvement to the property.

written by Rachel Norton 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

May Day and Cinco de Mayo aren’t the only reasons to celebrate in May. May is also National Historic Preservation Month.

EnergySmart is committed to preserving the history of our county and part of that history is evident in the many historic buildings that are found throughout our towns and neighborhoods. EnergySmart can help to preserve the character of your historic home while helping you to make it more comfortable and save you energy and money.

As outlined in the National Historic Preservation Act, a simple review must be submitted to the state historic preservation board in order for your home to be eligible for rebates and the Energy Loan

If your home is more than 50 years old or in a historic neighborhood all you have to do is: 

  • Call us at 303-544-1000 to set up a home energy assessment 
  • Fill out a simple a very simple review to the state historic preservation board with the help of your advisor  
  • Wait 1-5 days for approval 
  • Start your upgrades

EnergySmart can work with you to ensure that you get the energy upgrades you want on your home while protecting its history. We've already helped many historic homes modernize their energy use while still protecting their heritage. 

See here for more details. 

Learn more about Boulder County’s historic preservation initiatives here

Call 303.544.1000 today to sign up your historic home for comfort and energy-savings!

written by Rachel Norton

Friday, February 22, 2013

Why EnergySmart: Get An Expert Project Guide!

Why do you need an EnergySmart Advisor?

EnergySmart is the easy way to a more comfortable home that saves energy and money. Your advisor assists all along the way to streamline the improvements that you have been dreaming about! The advisor service will help you find the sneaky ways your home is wasting energy, as well as great deals on energy upgrades. We’ll even help you apply for rebates and financial incentive!

“I thought I was just getting an energy audit but it has been much more than that. The energy advisor is a great service - helping me understand the results of the audit, helping me prioritize what work to do first, providing me a list of contractors and then helping me to understand the various bids, letting me know of rebates and helping me with the paperwork. It has been the most cost-effective investment I've ever made for my house.” Mary N.

Your EnergySmart Advisor can:
  • Connect you with a technical home energy assessment, answer any questions you may have about your home and give tips based on results from similar homes
  • Explain your customized report on your home’s energy use
  • Help determine the most cost-effective home improvements
  • Help you find and apply for available rebates and financial incentives
  • Help you get and evaluate bids from qualified, pre-vetted contractors

Overall, an EnergySmart Advisor can help you determine which options are best for you!

“Our Energy Advisor, Jeff, was very helpful and streamlined the whole process. We really appreciated knowing that our contractors were qualified to work on our house.” Mark and Kate Villarreal

Don't waste another day without your Expert Project Guide!
Call to ask questions and receive your free phone-advising today!

written by Kate Taft

Friday, February 8, 2013

Upgrade Update - Reichert Family Grand Prize

For those of you following all things EnergySmart, you will remember the Grand Prize winners of the Home Energy Makeover, the Reichert family.

Disbelief and excitement when the EnergySmart Home Energy Makeover Surprise Prize Patrol arrived.

John recently updated EnergySmart on the progress of their upgrades and had some great news!

What upgrades have you had completed so far?
  • The tankless water heater has been installed
  • The 96.7% efficient furnace has been installed 

Out comes the old water heater... goes the new!

Thank you, Kahar Plumbing & Heating, Inc.!

What is still ahead for you?
  • Mid February, the following work is scheduled for completion:
  • Insulation in both attics to an R48 or R36 value (can’t remember)
  • Insulation of the knee wall between attics
  • Blown in insulation in the walls on main level
  • Blown in insulation in the ceiling of the garage
  • Blown in insulation in the over hang outside below master bedroom
  • Insulation of the rim joists in basement
  • Installation of electrical outlet for the tankless water heater (currently using an extension cord)
  • Installation of the evaporative cooler

Are you seeing changes to the comfort of your home?
With our old furnace, we set the thermostat to 69-70 degrees for heat and it seemed to run constantly.  Also, my sons room was always cold.  With the new unit, we keep the thermostat at 66 at night, and 67 during the day – any warmer and it is too hot!  Also, it doesn't run nearly as much, and can really put out the heat when needed!  My son stays nice and warm now.

The tankless water heater has an unexpected challenge that came along with it – the challenge of discipline!  It creates unlimited hot water, so if you really wanted to, you could take a really nice, warm and long shower, or soak in the tub. 

I just want to thank everyone again – we are extremely fortunate and very grateful for everything. I have spread the word about Energy Smart to everyone I know, and will continue to do so. Thanks again!

Warm homes and showers make it all worth it!
Get EnergySmart Now!

written by Kate Taft

Monday, January 28, 2013

Why EnergySmart: It's a Steal-of-a-Deal!

EnergySmart's service costs are subsidized for you!
Act now for a LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT! An EnergySmart Home Energy Assessment will only cost you $90. Regularly this fantastic service runs at $120, and even that cost is well below what you would spend hiring an expert advisor on your own, and having the thorough home energy assessment provided with EnergySmart.

EnergySmart will complete a Home Energy Assessment, then pair you with an expert Energy Advisor, who will:

  • Install FREE energy and water-saving items
  • Provide and explain a report on your home’s energy use
  • Help determine the most cost-effective home improvements
  • Help you get and evaluate bids from qualified contractors
  • Help you find and apply for rebates and financial incentives

For the approximate cost of two family dinners out this month, you can get your home the help it needs to be a healthier, more comfortable, more efficient dwelling for you and your family!

Free phone advising option?
Do you have questions for a home energy expert, but aren't sure if you'd like a full home assessment? Call today to get started for FREE.
  • Answer questions about your home and get tips based on results from similar homes
  • Help finding and accessing rebates and low-interest financing
  • Help with contractor selection (if needed)
  • This option does NOT include a Home Energy Assessment, a recommendations report, or any quick energy-saving devices.

Already had an audit? Get EnergySmart for free!

Get EnergySmart Now!

written by Kate Taft